Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coming soon...

Did you know Malinda Lo has a new book out? I did not until helpful twitter follower @SeleneCoulter suggested it for our next review. Thank you! Before you could say "lesbian fairies" I had the book downloaded to my Kindle and started contemplating what wine would go best with Huntress.(Also, have you read Ash yet? You should.)

Also, did you know you can help support my Lesbian Literature addiction/hobby? There are over SEVENTEEN-HUNDRED of you following the Literally Lesbian now, and I love EVERY ONE of you. You can either click on any of the amazon-bound links to do a little shopping OR you can donate via that cute little PayPal button up on the right.

Also, there's a BIG EXCITING LESBIAN PROJECT coming up, which I'll hopefully be announcing in the next few days, so stay tuned!

And last but not least, while you're reading Lesbian blogs, check out a couple more:

Buzzcuts and Bustiers (Full disclosure, this blog is new, but I kinda know Bren in real life, and definitely in internet life, and she is awesome.)

Tales from a Rubbish Lesbian (It's oddly addictive - check out the Lesbian Fails page)

And if you're in the donating mood, you should go donate to AutoStraddle and their awesome fund-drive, because I would die if they shut down.


You should also be reading The Lesbrary and Fuck Yeah Lesbian Literature.

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