Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE BIG LESBIAN SUMMER PROJECT (So many exclamation points...)

Announcement time! We're writing a book! You! And me! And it's going to be amazing!

But we need money to do it, and thanks to Kickstarter, where there's a will, there's a way. Yes this means I'll be occasionally begging like an NPR fudraiser. I'm sorry. But, it's only for a month, and in the meantime, I promise one new lesbian book review per week!

Please support (and join in on) this project, tentatively titled "Create and publish the best damn lesbian novel ever written" because we don't really do subtlety around these parts. 

And, like NPR, you get gifts when you donate!

  • Special access as the book is written!
  • Name one of the characters after your lady love! Or, even better, after your ex. 
  • A night out on the town! With me! I'm so much fun. C'mon, my hobby is reviewing lesbian books. HOW COULD I NOT BE FUN?

And much more...

The basics:

So you're a lesbian, or you like lesbians. And you read books about lesbians, just like all of us over on Literally Lesbian Book Review
Join the editor of Literally Lesbian (that's me!) as we crowdsource the characters, plot, and "new lesbian fiction rules" to create your new favorite lesbian novel. 
The Rules (so far):
  • Not all the lesbians are ladies who pass as straight ladies! Crazy!
  • Gold star lesbians present and included!
  • No one is trying to get pregnant! 
  • There are butches! And they date femmes! And other butches!
  • Women of color!
  • No one comes out of the closet! Shockingly, the gays know they're gay and the straights know they're straight before the story begins.
How it works
  • If we're fully funded by June 1, the project website will launch, and the writing/planning process will begin. 
  • Your writer promises one chapter completed per week. Ten dollars gets you access to the writing as it's completed. (Ugly as it may be. Seriously, first drafts are terrible and awesome in a can't look away car wreck kind of way.) 
  • Beyond the rewards below, followers of Literally Lesbian on twitter (@litlesbian) and followers of the project blog will be invited to weigh in on plot/character/scene development and add their own twists and turns. 
  • The first draft will be completed by September 1, 2011. Then on to revisions. Query letters will go out no later than January 15. If we find a publisher, wonderful! You'll get updates as that process progresses. No publisher? No problem! We'll self-publish it and have copies available no later than June 2012. 
Thank you in advance for all your lezzie love and support - we're going to have a grand old time this summer!
PS: Have an idea for a reward you don't see here? Contact me here or tweet it to me @litlesbian.

Please support the project and spread the word! 
We love word spreading!

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