Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Books on Figuring Out if Your [sic] Gay"

Blogging tools are dangerously addictive. Not only do they tell me that a bunch of you lovely lesbian ladies are from Russia. Hello! Also, tumbler is apparently amazing, and I should get on that.

But the BEST time waster is following the Google search terms that get you here. Usually they're pretty unsurprising: "lesbian book review blogs" or "is huntress a lesbian book."

Yesterday, however, we had a visit from a new member of the tribe, who found us by googling "books on figuring out if your gay."


This is, honestly, a sort of awesome question - if you think you might be gay, what could you read to "find out?"

As I've admitted on this blog, I had my first "aha, oh, I'm a lesbian, that makes so much sense" moment after watching But I'm a Cheerleader. Seriously. I know. Also, any excuse to post that gif.

Fiction gives you access to a world outside your own daily life, and what you find there can alter the way you perceive everything.

So, I have a few recommendations, because that is what I do. First of all, watch But I'm a Cheerleader and read a few issues of Curve. Then, give these books a go:

It Gets Better. Not fiction, but you may see yourself in the experiences of others. Or you might not. Either way, everyone on the gay-lesbian-queer-questioning-trans spectrum should read this book. (Questioning - that's you! You're included!)

Another Life Altogether. Review here. Gorgeously written and captures that sense that something amazing and wonderful and maybe a little (maybe a lot) scary is different about you.

Map of Ireland. Review (listicle, actually) here. A different kind of coming of age story, but just as valid and poignant.


Stone Butch Blues. Recommended by our favorite butch blogger, Bren of Buzzcuts and Bustiers.

And you, dear readers? What books would you recommended to our new friend? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @litlesbian, and I'll be sure to share!

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  1. It's an intense story, and hard to swallow at times, but every babybutch needs to read Stone Butch Blues at some point.